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15 Sustainable Swaps

15 Sustainable Swaps

You’ve switched to cloth bags and always bring your own coffee cup, but it’s very possible that plastic is sneaking into your daily life. 

These 15 surprising sources of everyday plastic show how common these artificial polymers are today. Luckily, you can make simple sustainable swaps to help protect our planet.


Receipts have a way of piling up in purses, drawers and on countertops. They may look like plain paper, but they’re often printed with a plastic coating like BPA or BPS.

Sustainable Swap: Ask for a digital copy of your receipt, or no receipt printed. 


Most of the time, kitchen sponges are made from plastics like polyester or nylon. And if you change your sponge every week or two, you throw away dozens every year. 

Sustainable Swap: Use one of the sustainable dish brushes made from wood,  natural bristles or coconut. For cleaning around the house, you also can use compostable sponge cloths, loofah sponge or rags cut from old clothing. 

sustainable brush replaceable head


Tape is useful for everything from mending books to finishing off art projects. But most tapes are simply thin plastics with synthetic adhesives. 

Sustainable Swap: Look for eco-friendly options like water-activated Kraft Paper Tape

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