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7 Reasons to Eat Greek Yogurt Regularly

7 Reasons to Eat Greek Yogurt Regularly

Unlike classic yogurt, Greek yogurt has twice the protein, but fewer carbs and calories. 

Greek yogurt is a thick, filtered yogurt that has had almost all of its whey removed. Together with the liquid, most of the sugar, calories and carbohydrates leave it. It uses twice the amount of milk to make this product, and therefore contains much more protein, beneficial bacteria and calcium than regular yogurt.

Reason #1. Reduces the feeling of hunger

Greek yogurt is low calorie. 100 g of this yogurt contains only 79 calories. In addition, it has practically no carbohydrates and sugar, so it can be included in the diet of losing weight. And due to the large amount of protein, Greek yogurt maintains a feeling of satiety for a long time. Due to its dense creamy texture and sour taste, Greek yogurt is suitable for replacing high-calorie cream cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream. At the same time, unlike the latter, such yogurt does not curdle even at high temperatures. You can make a dessert by mixing it with your favourite berries, add it to muesli and eat it for breakfast or use it as a sauce for meat dishes.

Reason #2. Improves gut health

Natural Greek yogurt contains a large amount of probiotics - bacteria that restore the intestinal microflora and increase the protective functions of the body. These beneficial enzymes fight infections, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, restore mucous membranes after taking antibiotics, speed up the digestion process and help absorb nutrients. In addition, probiotics improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. When buying yogurt, it is important to pay attention to the label. The shorter the composition, the more useful the product. Natural Greek yogurt is made from only two ingredients: milk and cultures. If it contains corn starch, preservatives and thickeners, it is better to leave such a product on the shelf. It won't do any good.

Reason #3. Promotes muscle growth

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Greek yogurt is high in protein, which is essential for muscle gain and tissue repair. The amount of milk protein, compared to regular yogurt, in this product is two to three times higher. This difference is achieved using the ultrafiltration method. When fermenting, excess liquid is removed from yogurt, along with which most of the lactose, milk carbohydrates, is removed. The result is a concentrated protein product. Eating 200-250 grams of Greek yogurt after a strength workout will give you 15-20 grams of protein. Dutch doctors have found out  that this is exactly how much it takes to start muscle growth. If you want to diversify the taste of yogurt, try adding some chia seeds and a spoonful of honey to it.

Reason #4. Helps strengthen bones

Greek yogurt is rich in calcium. In a small glass of the product, from 300 to 400 mg of this mineral is concentrated, which is one third of the daily requirement for an adult. Irish researchers found that eating low-sugar, high-probiotic yogurt at least two to three times a week increased bone density and reduced the risk of osteoporosis in older people. At the same time, milk and cheese did not give a similar effect. In addition, "sunshine" vitamin D, which is part of Greek yogurt, is of great importance for the growth and strengthening of bones. It helps to absorb calcium and strengthens the immune system.

Reason #5. Accelerates metabolism

Due to its high protein content, Greek yogurt can speed up your metabolism by about 10%. The fact is that for the assimilation of protein foods, the body needs much more time and energy than for the digestion of fats or starch. In addition, the calcium in yogurt affects the metabolic rate. A study by  scientists from the University of Tennessee showed that obese people who increased their daily intake of this mineral to 1200-1300 mg lost weight twice as fast as participants who received 400-500 mg of calcium per day. However, Greek yogurt is an excellent source of iodine. This trace element is needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, the hormones of which control the overall metabolism.

Reason #6. Uplifting

The gut and brain are interconnected through a neural network, so anxiety and depression are sometimes accompanied by chronic abdominal pain and digestive problems. The probiotic bacteria found in Greek yogurt stimulate the production of the “happiness hormone” serotonin and maintain a healthy balance between the gut and the brain. With their help, you can defeat chronic stress, cheer up, calm the nervous system and get rid of anxiety. Therefore, scientists began to use the new word “psychobiotics” to refer to intestinal bacteria. In addition, Greek yogurt is rich in vitamin B12, which improves memory and protects nerve fibres from damage.

Reason #7. Strengthens the heart

The potassium contained in Greek yogurt normalizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system and removes excess fluid from the body, which reduces the load on the heart. One glass of low-fat yogurt contains about 240 mg of potassium. And thanks to calcium, magnesium and beneficial bacteria, this product reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. B vitamins also help maintain heart health. They improve the tone of the heart muscle and blood vessels. In addition, Greek yogurt is a valuable source of vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of blood cells and nerve fibres. This is especially important for vegetarians, as vitamin B12 is not found in plant foods

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