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Eco style in the interior has long gained popularity. Using natural materials, colours allow to create not only a warm, cozy, but also a harmless environment in your home.

Why not make an eco Christmas tree this year? After all, this Christmas we want warmth and comfort more than ever.

The ideal option is environmental toys made of natural materials. A lot of them can be made at home as well.

So, which materials to use?

Wood, vine, straw, paper, natural fabrics, felt, cones, nuts, a variety of seeds, dried flowers, spices, dried fruits, fruits, candies, cookies, gingerbread and other sweets can be used as materials. Some even manage to make garlands from popcorn.

Not only your decor will be environmentally friendly but also done at low cost.

Dry branches make wonderful toys in the shape of snowflakes, stars or Christmas trees.

Toys made of cones, acorns and dried flowers or felt are very popular.

Fragrant toys and garlands can be made from citrus and spices. use nuts and fresh fruit, cinnamon to create festive aroma and mood in your home.


Children's favourite delicacy caramel and candy easily turn into jewellery. Hang directly on the Christmas tree, or you can hide them in "houses" made of paper.

One of the simple options, in the preparation of which even children can help: on the surface of an orange, lemon or grapefruit, holes are punctured with a toothpick, into which clove buds are then inserted. You can do it chaotically, or you can use patterns or drawings - there are many photos with options on the Internet at the request of clove orange pomander. These oranges look great on a flat dish with twigs, cones, or candles. When the holidays are over and the decor is bored, the fruit can be eaten. There is an even simpler option, which, however, will no longer be able to feast on: cut the peel in a figure and dry the whole citrus in a dehydrator or oven - the result can be hung by a string just like Christmas balls.

For sustainable ready made options opt for felt Christmas toys.

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