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Introduction to BYGRAM

Introduction to BYGRAM

Hi all ! We opened BYGRAM one and a half years ago, because we believe a refill shop should be in every neighbourhood and this is one simple way to raise awareness about environmental problems and to get locals involved on the most simple level. When we spoke with people on the streets before opening, most had never heard of this concept. It is simple, it helps reduce single use plastics in everyday life and eat healthy. And we want to make it work as easy as possible. That’s why we are open 7 days and continuously expanding our range. 

Now majority of the neighborhood residents are aware and understand the idea. We think it is ok that not all shop with us  (just yet!) because we all need time to get used to new and also we need time to make a change or even decide to buy something different. 

There are people who come to us to take pictures, and only then start to take an interest in the topic. Some decide to take small steps, and some decide to radically change their lives. When new people pop in, we explain that we do not have packaged foods, and most often they answer: "Okay, next time I will bring a container from home." And they do. Or they buy from us and then bring it back to refill. Some start with reusable cotton pads and then move on to the entire plastic free bathroom kit.

 Very often we see doubt in the eyes of customers when they look around our shop: here are the foods, and here are the tooth tablets sold by weight, then different toiletries in large pump bottles, bamboo loo rolls, and all kind of kitchen cleaning tools made from natural cellulose or coconut ... What is going on? We always explain what is behind the concept, and why it is important to remove disposable plastic from your life - the one that you use for a very short time or even a second and throw it away. We insist that the point of zero waste is not to throw everything out of the house, it's just important to be creative in everyday life and try to reuse and upcycle things.

 This website was created so that people can see our products, take their time to research information about them and also we want to be transparent about the pricing. As a small independent business we probably are not able to compete with large supermarket chains but we are yet happy that some of our products are compatible. We work with A LOT of suppliers and many of them are small family businesses like ourselves. We believe when a product is very cheap that  means someone somewhere was underpaid or there was a shortcut resulting in worse quality and lower price. 

We are now working on expanding a range of products in BYGRAM, both foods and home wares, and hope to get our customers not to be afraid to try new things.

Chris & Tonia 

BYGRAM founders

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