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Why do we choose  organic produce and what are the benefits?

Why do we choose organic produce and what are the benefits?

Organic foods are becoming more and more popular. True, organic products are more expensive than conventional ones and you may have wondered how much better are they compared to regular food. There are a few reasons  to think about what we choose when we shop.

  • PEST CONTROL. Organic farming does not use any pesticides nor herbicides. Instead, natural methods are more relied on. For example, natural predators of pests and long-term soil health can be promoted from well designed crop rotations.

    Through simple practices, instead of eradicating local biodiversity in the name of pest control, natural ecological processes can take over. Pest control comes instead from natural predators as a result of a flourishing biodiversity. Equally as important, organic farming fights against the continued degradation of our soils, as vital soil fauna and flora is encouraged. This improves soil formation and structure, creating more stable systems.

  • CLIMATE CHANGE. Organic farming also combats climate change, as it is not dependent on oil based fertilizers, and with a more healthy soil comes more soil carbon storage, all meaning that if organic farming was common place in the UK we could offset around 23% of carbon emissions from agriculture.

    But surely this is at the expense of crop yields? a vitally important issue if we are to feed our ever growing population? well, recent studies have shown this to be a slight misconception. Organic yields have been found to be on average 80% of conventional crops, not that much of a reduction considering the wealth of benefits.

  • MINIMUM INTERVENTION. We are constantly working to ensure as many of our products are organically produced as possible, even if they are not certified which often costs a fortune for a small farmer to arrange. 

Many farms follow so called “minimum intervention” approach , means they don’t run after “organic” certification but aim to have happy, healthy, lively soil. Respecting and nurturing nature’s process of growing delicious fruit results in harvest that show an enhanced taste.

rows of growing tomato plants

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