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Soy candles are safe and environmentally friendly.

Soy wax is made from organic and biodegradable components (soybeans) that do not emit harmful substances when burned. Soy wax is odourless, mixes easily with aromatic oil and fully conveys all the subtleties of aroma. Therefore, we love soy candles, and not paraffin, gel and others.

Moreover, soy wax does not stain clothes and furniture and is easy to clean with warm water and soap.

When did soy wax appear?

The history of the creation of soy wax dates back to 1991. Entrepreneur Michael Richards founded Candleworks to make natural candles from beeswax. But after some calculations, it turned out that such candles would cost him 10 times more than paraffin ones.

Therefore, in July 1991, Michael began experimenting with various vegetable oils and fats. After a lot of experiments, soy wax has become the most suitable for a number of parameters. However, due to the imperfect formula, Michael continued to mix it with other ingredients, including beeswax and even almond oil.

And only in 1996 was it possible to create soy wax, which finally acquired its unique properties: low melting point and good aroma conductivity. It was then that the first soy candles appeared, the wax for which was ordered from Michael by the Bodyshop company.

Over time, soy wax has rightfully taken its place among natural and environmentally friendly products.

Soy candles practically do not give off carbon, they mix well with oils, flavours, dyes, and also with other types of wax. They burn about 50% longer than comparable candles made of paraffin and other materials, which makes it’s price justified.

Soy wax candles are suitable for use by vegans.

Do soy candles smell when they burn?

We all remember these huge paraffin candles, which always smelled, but not while burning. And from there a stereotype appeared that scented candles are a faint smell, which, during burning, completely disappears or is replaced by a smoked odour.

Soy candles work in a different way: since soy wax itself is practically odourless, it gives place to the aromatic composition in the composition of the candle. As soon as you light the candle and the wax has melted, the scent begins to spread throughout the room. Only 10-15 minutes is enough for one time. Therefore, a soy candle can rightfully be called a quick room fragrance, along with air mists.

Soy candles are one of the best ways to scent a room: the scent is intense enough and spreads quickly through the air. Try them now!


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