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Bygram Eco Blog

  • Dangerous house cleaning
    June 7, 2021 Chris Krokatsis

    Dangerous house cleaning

    It has long been known how dangerous the phosphates contained in detergents are. They cause active growth of blue-green algae, from which the water in reservoirs begins to "bloom". According to some researchers, the toxins of these algae are dangerous for invertebrates, fish and other aquatic animals.
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  • Introduction to BYGRAM
    June 6, 2021 Chris Krokatsis

    Introduction to BYGRAM

    Hi all ! We opened BYGRAM one and a half years ago, because we believe a refill shop should be in every neighbourhood and this is one simple way to raise awareness about environmental problems and to get locals involved on the most simple level. When we spoke with people on the streets before opening, most had never heard of this concept.
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