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The set is in a gift box and includes 8x 10ml pure high quality essential oils, which is bright and festive puzzle for any occasions - birthday, love, relaxation and an endless lavender field!



Lavender essential oil is one of the most famous and popular essential oils due to its bactericidal, antiviral, antiseptic properties. The scent of lavender is great for dealing with anxiety and depression, giving a sense of peace of mind. In cosmetology, it is actively used to rejuvenate the skin, combat rashes and relieve irritations.

Orange - you will definitely fall in love with this sweet and attractive scent that will give you a sense of joy, happiness and festive mood, being a powerful natural antidepressant! Orange essential oil is widely known as an anti-cellulite treatment that can make the skin firmer and smoother.

Eucalyptus essential oil is indispensable for stress and nervous conditions. It will help you calm down and tune in to a positive wave. Eucalyptus oil has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, perfectly strengthens the immune system, so it is especially important to have it during colds. In cosmetology, eucalyptus essential oil is used to care for oily skin and skin prone to breakouts.

Tea tree essential oil, thanks to its enchanting aroma, can relieve stress and fatigue after a hard day, having a relaxing effect on the brain. In addition to its emotional impact, tea tree is an excellent antiseptic. It is known worldwide as a powerful weapon against viruses, fungal skin diseases and respiratory diseases.

Peppermint essential oil. What could be better than plucking a mint leaf, rubbing it between your fingers and then inhaling a fresh and invigorating scent! With peppermint essential oil, you will forget about headaches, anxiety and causeless fear. Massages with the addition of peppermint oil will help relieve muscle pain, as well as pain in rheumatism and arthritis. Peppermint essential oil can relieve acute toothaches and reduce bleeding gums.

Lemongrass essential oil has a refreshing and tonic aroma that can quickly invigorate, relieve exhaustion and fatigue, concentrate and tune in to a working mood. In cosmetology, lemon sorghum oil is shown as a powerful remedy in the treatment of acne, infectious skin lesions and the normalization of sebum secretion. Thanks to its regenerating properties, lemongrass essential oil actively fights cellulite and stretch marks, making scars and scars less visible

Rosemary essential oil. In the emotional sphere, it is an excellent energetic stimulant that helps to overcome fears, self-doubt and stiffness, helps to improve memory and restore mental performance. Rosemary essential oil will strengthen your immunity, activate the body's defenses against viral and infectious diseases, and help cope with headaches and muscle pains. In cosmetology, this oil is actively used to treat problematic and oily skin, it helps to narrow pores, reduce acne and normalize sebum production.