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At the moment we offer fresh produce shopping in stores.

We strictly follow the seasonality and try to source local produce as much as possible. That’s why the prices and assortment change regularly dependent on which products are in their peak season.

 Our supplier is NATOORA who is pioneering and celebrating seasonal organic and sustainable farming that promote biodiversity and results in great taste of fruit & veg!

We get fresh deliveries 3 times a week and almost always have the essentials in stock. Give us a call to find out how to top up your order with fresh produce.

Our standard range include:

  Tomatoes (Italy)

  Broccoli (UK)

  Leeks (UK)

  Red & green peppers (Italy)

  Sweet potato (USA)

  Aubergine (Italy)

  Zucchini (Italy)

  Golden onion (UK)

  Red onion (UK)

  Garlic (France)

  Banana (Colombia)

  Apples (UK)

  Pears (UK)

  Ginger (China)

  Oranges (Spain)

  Unwaxed lemons (Italy)

If you wish to top up your order with delicious fresh produce from small farms just give us a call or follow your order with an email and we will give you a call to help you sort out your shopping.

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