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Even with online shopping we are doing our bit to help the environment by recycling all our packaging. 

This means that your parcel may not be packed in a brand new box every time, but all of our packaging is clean and fit for re-use. Every member of BYGRAM team takes pride in making sure that you will be delighted from the moment you open the parcel.

Occasionally, when we feel that due to weather conditions your parcel might be damaged during the shipping process, we would re-use some of  the large  plastic bags that we accumulate from our suppliers. If you feel appropriate you can return them to us to re-use.

Dry foods and liquids

All dry foods will be packed in compostable / recyclable brown bags and no plastic will be in view.

Liquid foods like oils, syrups, vinegars and others are available to purchase in glass bottles/jars only.

Body care

When you buy refillable body care products like shampoo, soap, body wash, hair conditioner we offer 2 options: 

recyclable plastic bottle with fixed amount of product (usually 400ml) or 

used jar/bottle. 

With the first option you will get a new plastic bottle which you can return to one of our shops at your convenience for us to  re-use, you can reuse it yourself or recycle. 

With the second option we will give you product of your choice from our refill station filled up in one of the returned jars/bottles (we will use what’s available in stock and suitable for your product, it could be glass or returned plastic bottle of any available size).