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Assam is a drink with a harmonious taste and a strong, pleasant aroma. A classic black tea with a characteristic sweet-tart taste with floral notes. Amazing smell, unforgettable colourful taste of ruby ​​drink gives moments of pleasure and invigorating effect. 

Assam has a tonic effect, is able to stimulate the mental activity of a person, strengthens the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to various infections. And the tannins in its composition help relieve stomach cramps and stop nausea. Drinking this type of tea lowers cholesterol. 


50 bags.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown tea.


CLIPPER believe simple is better and that’s true for their tea and packaging, too. 

The pillow tea bags are completely free of polypropylen and  sealed with PLA ,a bio-material from non-GM plant material. All tea bags are unbleached of course. After brewing put your tea bag in a food bin. Pack cartons are recyclable and biodegradable.