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Bright medium sized beans with a dark spot at the germ. From India it spread throughout Asia, and from there it was brought to the West Indies and spread to the southern United States (then still colonies). It was grown in Virginia as early as the 17th century, and by the time of the American Revolution, beans had become a permanent part of traditional southern cuisine. Even America's first president, George Washington, grew black-eyed beans. Like other legumes, it fortifies the soil with nitrogen and is an excellent source of calcium, folate, and vitamin A.
They have a strong flavour when cooked.


INGREDIENTS: Blackeyed beans 100%
ALLERGENS: No known allergens.
Packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), sesame, products containing dairy, soya and products containing gluten.
STORAGE: Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 117
Protein (g) 8.7
Fat (g) 0.7
incl. saturates (g) 0.2
Carbs (g) 17
incl. sugars (g) 1
Fibre (g) 0
Salt (g) 0


Drain water and mix beans with veggies to your taste and a drizzle of olive oil... Also great for a cold summer salad.
In the United States, black-eyed beans made with lard or bacon are traditionally eaten on January 1st, which should bring good luck for a whole year. This is an ancient Jewish tradition, described in the Babylonian Talmud (naturally, without pork fat). In America, it entered the culture during the Civil War, when southerners escaped hunger with black-eyed beans - before it was considered food for livestock.

Today, black-eyed beans have a place in traditional cooking around the world. In Jamaica, it is eaten with rice, in the South of America - with rice and bacon, in the traditional dish Hopping John . Texas make Texas caviar- boiled beans are marinated in garlic sauce and served as a cold appetizer. In Portugal, it is eaten with fish and potatoes, and in Greece with vegetables, oil and lemon juice. Dal is prepared in India. In Vietnam, black-eyed beans are used to make a sweet dessert with coconut milk and rice called che dau trang . In Colombia, beans are soaked, crushed, and made into dough, and bu–uelo balls are fried in oil.

Dry black-eyed beans can be soaked and sprouted. It is very tasty when germinated (and no, not poisonous).