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Epsom salt is highly refined (food grade) salt, that 99% consists of magnesium, an element which is not produced by the body, but is extremely important for it. Epsom salt baths will become a pleasant substitute for dietary supplements, a source of useful minerals for relaxation, slimness and skin care.

It has relaxing, analgesic and soothing properties. It dissolves quickly in water, does not injure the skin. The use of magnesium salt guarantees gentle weight loss and lymphatic drainage effect.

How does it work
The salt dissolves in water and is easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium baths help to quickly restore energy, feel cheerful and active, get rid of feelings of anxiety and anxiety.

Epsom Salt is known for its versatility:

Body. Reduces Pain and Discomfort with Overtraining

Well-being. Relieves stress and eliminates fatigue.

Slimming. Improves blood circulation and helps get rid of cellulite

Use 250-400 grams of salt for your bath.
Take a bath in a course of 10 procedures, for one course you will need 4 kg of salt or more.