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This saffron comes directly from a smallholding farm and social enterprise in Herat, Afghanistan, to promote and create sustainable value chains for their exquisite, premium-grade Golden Saffron. 

The most expensive spice in the world is also one of the healthiest and most versatile in taste. It is self-sufficient, its rich tart and slightly pungent intense taste is highly appreciated, and saffron also gives the dishes a beautiful yellow colour with a warm hue.

Essentially saffron is a dried stigma of flowers. Saffron is made from a special kind of crocus. To get 1 kg of spice, you need to collect about 100,000 flowers, which are processed by hand and then dried over a fire or in braziers, where at least one mistake may lead to loss of the crop. Such a laborious process makes it the most expensive spice in the world.