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Konjac (or konyaka, konjaku or konnyak) is a porous sponge made from the root of the Amorphophallus konjac plant, which is native to Asia.

Like any other product made from natural materials, this sponge is hypoallergenic. It can be used as a sponge for cleansing the skin, together with foams or gels for washing, as well as a natural peeling scrub for the face. Konjac sponge very gently and carefully cleanses the face skin without irritating or injuring it. Also, thanks to its soft porous texture, Konjac sponge promotes the penetration of moisture into the skin, thereby leaving it instantly more elastic. Konjac sponge ensures blood flow to the skin, improving its microcirculation, which means returning a fresh, healthy and rested look to the face.

Massage your face regularly with a toner, emulsion or serum with moisturizing ingredients (2-3 times a week).

The sponge is suitable for any skin type: dry, oily, problematic and sensitive. It cleanses the pores of oily skin, moisturizes it, smoothes unevenness, and helps to get rid of blackheads. The sponge moisturizes and softens dry skin, eliminates almost any peeling, delicately cleanses, helps to restore elasticity and softness to it. Another distinctive feature of the sponge, which will be appreciated by the owners of sensitive skin, is a very delicate action.

The sponge can also be used for lip exfoliation - it does not injure even the most sensitive skin in this area, but gently cleanses.