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Loofah is a pure natural product that is extracted from the inside of ripe loofah cucumber, a pumpkin plant of the tropics. The fibrous fabric exfoliates the skin thoroughly yet gently and is versatile. Massages and scrubs optimally support the skin in regeneration and remove dead skin cells.

Recommended use
Moisten the loofah product and your skin well before you start using. Rub the loofah accessory over your skin in a circular motion without pressure. Ideal for use in the shower or after a sauna session.

The loofah back scrub tape is double-sided, one loofah side for exfoliation and one side is made of cotton for gentle cleaning.

Washable at 30¡C, please do not tumble dry
In principle, the application is suitable for all skin types.
Dimensions: 81 x 11 cm