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5 pcs of thin discs made of natural loofah. Size: 5 x 5cm

Use to remove makeup and lightly exfoliate / massage the face. Loofah face discs help gently and delicately renew the skin.

Loofah has long been famous for its exfoliating properties. In fact, it is a plant from the lianas family. When dry, it is very tough and raises doubts as to whether it is worth treating the face with it. However, once soaked in water, it doubles in volume, becomes softer and more tender. With loofah face discs you can massage the skin without using a scrub.

When using loofah discs, you simultaneously massage and exfoliate. The skin becomes rejuvenated, acquires a fresh, healthy colour. 

Use discs 2-3 times a week.

How to use: Apply cleanser to the disc, then gently wash your face.

On average loofah discs can be used for 2 months.

This product is fully compostable.