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Medjool are the largest dates that exist on Earth. They aren't actually a dried fruit and are picked fresh from the tree. The flesh is sweet and has a distinctive caramel flavour. Some say their taste is somewhat reminiscent of custard, very sweet, with pleasant oily shades. Completely natural, without processing, the freshest, the most delicate in consistency our medjool dates can serve as a tangible snack.
These fruits are rich in copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6. They contain 23 types of amino acids that are absent in most fruits. Despite the large amount of carbohydrates, they can be included in the diet as a substitute for sweets.


SKU: 11004
INGREDIENTS: 100% Medjool dates
ALLERGENS: No known allergens.
Packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), sesame, products containing dairy, soya and products containing gluten.
STORAGE: Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 322
Protein (g) 1.8
Fat (g) 0
incl. saturates (g) 0
Carbs (g) 75
incl. sugars (g) 66
Fibre (g) 6.7
Salt (g) 0


The fruit can be used in a wide variety of recipes. Dates go well with meat, milk, yoghurts, suitable for salads, pilaf, stewed fruit and jelly. It is especially often used for the preparation of confectionery, pastries and desserts, for which dates are stuffed with marzipan, nuts, cheeses, candied fruits and poured with chocolate icing.
Alternatively try dipping in almond butter and cover it with chocolate sauce for a nourishing snack. Commonly used in sweet dishes, they also serve as a good base for any energy ball.