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OAT BRAN organic


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Oat bran is often confused with oatmeal. Although, these are fundamentally different things. Bran is the outer shell of the grain, whereas oatmeal is a flattened grain.
Oat bran has many health benefits. Early studies proved that the consumption of bran lowers cholesterol. Some other study in Australia found a link between consuming oat bran regularly and preventing diabetes. This is due to the stabilization of blood sugar levels. British scientists have proven that oat bran in the diet is an excellent prevention of colon cancer.
Oat bran absorbs liquid 25-30 times more than its "dry" volume. The swollen bran in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness. Further, moving along the intestinal tract, the bran works as a natural adsorbent and removes accumulated toxins from the body. They gently stimulate intestinal motility, making it work regularly. The fiber contained in oat bran is an excellent breeding ground for beneficial intestinal microflora.


SKU: 10922
INGREDIENTS: 100% Oat bran.
Packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), sesame, products containing dairy, soya and products containing gluten.
STORAGE: Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 365
Protein (g) 18
Fat (g) 7.6
incl. saturates (g) 1.4
Carbs (g) 49
incl. sugars (g) 1.3
Fibre (g) 14
Salt (g) 0.13


The simplest way to consume oat bran is by mixing low-fat kefir or unsweetened yogurt with bran, let it brew for 15-20 minutes. You can add cocoa or fruit to taste.
You can easily replace some of the flour in your usual baked goods with oat bran. It is not rough, unlike wheat bran, and will not affect the taste.
Alternatively you can make oat bran muffins or add it to your bread.