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WILD RICE organic


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Despite its name, wild rice is not rice, but seeds of edible grasses native to North America. Native Americans harvest wild rice by collecting it along the shores in canoes and using long sticks to knock the plant to the bottom of their boats.
Our wild rice presents itself full-bodied and with a rustic flavour. Easily paired with other rice types or simply by itself in for a more chewy yet tender dish.
The low calorie and high nutrient contents make wild rice a nutrient-dense food. It's a very impressive source of minerals and a great plant-based protein source. Wild rice boasts impressive amounts of several nutrients, including protein, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Wild rice is the number one product for hypertensive patients. This is due to the fact that it does not contain sodium at all, which negatively affects the blood and the circulatory system as a whole.


SKU: 10114
INGREDIENTS: Wild rice 100%
ALLERGENS: No known allergens.
Packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), sesame, products containing dairy, soya and products containing gluten.
STORAGE: Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 346
Protein (g) 13
Fat (g) 1.1
Saturates (g) 0.3
Carbs (g) 69
Sugars (g) 0
Fibre (g) 4.3
Salt (g) 0


It usually takes longer to cook wild rice than white rice. The wild rice mix becomes tender when fully cooked. Undercooked wild rice will remain hard to chew. Excess water in the pot doesn't affect the flavor or texture of the riceÑwhen it's done, it's done, and any extra liquid can be drained off. Wild rice mix can make a tasty side dish or it is often used as an ingredient for soups and casseroles. A small quantity added to steamed vegetables or tossed into salads provides flavor and texture, and it is perfect accompaniments for chicken and fish dishes.